The very best about our pyrolysis system

Our mobile pyrolysis system is the best Technology for disposing waste

Others advantages of our pyrolysis
  • The most ecological pyrolysis system in the world.

    We use electric induction to heat the process in the retort. To supply the electricity for the induction we use synthetic gas derived from the process to make electricity in a gas turbine. And that is why our plant is the cleanest pyrolysis system in the world.                                                                                                                             

  • The optimum chemical process.

    Based on extensive research, our method of induction heating is the most effective way to heat a retort. Thanks to that we achieve efficient control of the thermochemical processes inside the retort. The chemical processes are optimized for the weight of the input raw material which results in the production of the highest quality output raw material.

  • Continuous automatic operation.

    The only continuous automatic pyrolysis system with minimum need of staff for operation. Easy to start the whole process and easy to operate.

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