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Global environmental problem with plastic

The global plastic waste problem is alarming. According to the United Nations, we are experiencing an environmental disaster. The world is producing plastic at an exponential rate without having a plan for disposing of it properly.

Have a look at all the plastic that we make:


Plastic waste everywhere

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste makes it into the ocean. It is equivalent to dumping a full garbage truck of plastic waste every minute. A big problem in our waters is also microplastics which may not be visible at first glance, but they are everywhere. These small particles are in the ocean, in our waterways, in animal bodies and also in 80 % of our tap water.

1 plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose
1 milion plastic bottles are sold every minute
only 30 % of plastic waste is recycled in the EU, in the USA only 9,5 %. The rest is incinerated or landfilled
268000 t of plastic are floating in the ocean
90 % of plastic in the ocean comes via our rivers

Standard recycling produces a raw material which is always of lower quality than raw material produced for the first time. And the reality is that separating and processing recycled plastics is very complicated, expensive and time consuming, not worth the investment for many.

How to get rid of growing plastic waste?

We are ready to change the way plastic waste is handled all over the world.  Our technology  and ultra clean process can transform almost all of plastic waste into clean oil and carbon. We consume plastic waste and make it into a new product, thus preventing it from ending up in the ocean, landfill or incinerators (which produce high levels of toxic emissions).

Our challenge is to change the way people think about plastic waste. Recycling and diversion methods are not enough for disposing of all plastic waste and the current methods are still dangerous and harmful to the environment. Our pyrolysis plant benefits everyone – our communities, nature, industry and business, and the future of our children.

Environmental problem with waste tires

Mountains of old tires, tires in a ditch, illegal tire dumping - which are highly combustible - we all know it and see it. Modern life requires the change of tires more frequently. At the moment, nearly 2 billion tires become waste every year! Even though the trend is automotive electrification, the tires will always be here.
But what to do with tires that we no longer need? There is an alternative solution to burning them or dumping them in our landfills.

The solution is our Mobile waste tires pyrolysis system that operates as simply as following step by step instructions:

Tires as feedstock to make carbon black

Waste tires are perfect input material for our pyrolysis plant which can process 8 000 tons of tires annually. The traditional way of using oil to produce carbon black is no longer needed.

From 1 ton of tires with our pyrolysis plant you can get:

40 % of oil
35 % of Carbon Black
20 % of Syngas
5 % of Steel

By using our pyrolysis technology you can save about 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere (which would be otherwise emitted by traditional production of carbon black) per each recovered ton of carbon black. Thanks to our pyrolysis system, the reduction of our carbon footprint is obvious.

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