Sound Energy

Technology for turning heat into cooling

Use the waste or solar heat to cool your building, process or factory


Industrial waste heat or solar heat is converted by technology called THEAC-25
directly into cold using thermo acoustic technology.

Feeding heat input into one side of the THEAC-25 results into 25 kW cold output
at the other side, enabling the production of cold air or cold water.
The cold output of the THEAC-25 can reach temperatures as low as -25°C.

The technology is 100% clean: no refrigerants, no electricity, no GWP and no CO2.

Worldwide up to 40 % of national grid power is being used for
air-conditioning alone and still rising today.



THEAC 25 - Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter

Product features and benefits:

  • climate friendly
  • sustainable cooling, without any toxic chemical fluids
  • easy fit cooling system
  • reduce your energy costs
  • no maintenance, zero CO2, and exceptional lifespan
  • performance



Turn waste heat into profit


Applications of Sound Energy technology:

  • Building/factory - Food handling space, Production space, Storage/Cold storage, Offices
  • Industrial process - Food-Bakeries, Die cast/metal wire production, Metal hardening production, Hydrogen production, Textiles-laundry cooling, Prilling tower cooling
  • Maritime projects - Dredging vessels, Commercial vessels, Military vessels, Cruise ships
  • Mobile and off grid - Fresh products cooling, Medical cold chain, Expeditioner Compound cooling

Download our PDF materials:

  1. SoundEnergy brochure.pdf