About us

Our philosophy

  • Rethink – how your waste is used?

    We think differently about waste. We do not recycle it, but we use the hidden potential of plastic and other waste. We see it as input raw material for producing new energy.

  • Benefits for the environment

    Less waste and new energy from waste. That’s our mission. We are not able to stop the production of plastic, but we can cut down on the waste polluting the environment.

  • Solve your waste problem

    We aim to solve waste processing and energy production problems at the local level. In doing so, local communities can move towards independence in their waste management and energy production planning

How do we work?

Let’s have a look at what goes into our process:

  1. Consultation and design at existing plant location.
  2. Location planning by our technician
  3. Design of plant placing and engineering
  4. Manufacturing and testing at our production center
  5. Transportation and installation
  6. Connection to local underground services
  7. Training staff

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