Mobile plastic waste pyrolysis system

Our mobile plastic waste pyrolysis system is delivered in containerised modules which have many advantages like full automatization, fast installation, easy transport and it is ready to use quickly.

Methods of use:
  1. This mobile pyrolysis system can also be placed in already existing plants that produces lots of plastic waste that you need to dispose of and where there is little space.
  2. We also recommend the pyrolysis system for new projects in areas where it’s not possible to build new structures.
  3. Small islands which make their own energy thanks to our pyrolysis system
  4. Disaster areas – after an earthquake or other natural disasters, it can be logistically difficult to restore energy supplies. Our pyrolysis unit is easy to transport and ready to use. The waste produced after a natural disaster can be used straight for the pyrolysis.
  5. Recycling ships which collect waste from the ocean

Do not landfill plastic and poison our soil. Do not sell plastic to companies that are going to burn it and pollute our air. Invest in our pyrolysis system and create a new revenue stream with a short return on investment period. Depending on the location, the return on investment is 3-5 years.

Our complete solution including all peripherals, contains:

  • Plastic shredder
  • Storage
  • Retort
  • Gas turbine/Cogeneration unit (diesel engine)
  • Gas and oil reservoir
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We highly recommend this complete solution because we can prove it works.

Our mobile plastic waste pyrolysis system will give you these feedstocks for commercial use:
  • Oil – can be used in the chemical industry or in the shipping industry as fuel
  • Syngas – used in cogeneration turbine to run the pyrolysis unit itself
  • Carbon – can be used in the chemical industry
  • Guarantee

    is provided within the legal period for production line

  • Service

    is available 24/7 via remote control. In case of breakdown, the service team will arrive and repair the line in guaranteed time

  • Reliability

    demonstrated by existing functioning units and validated by measurable results of unit placed in production

How does our mobile plastic waste pyrolysis system work?

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