Tires 1 000

Mobile pyrolysis unit for 1 000 kg of crushed tires per hour.

Mobile pyrolysis unit Tires 1 000 is developed and constructed as a technology without waste for recycling waste tires.
All the thermal depolymerization products obtained can be safely used.

The Syn Gas can be use to power gas turbines to produce power for own use, without the permanent need to connect to an external power source for their operation. The Syn Gas obtained is almost always, due to its difficult storage and compressibility, used as a fuel with a high energy potential for clean operation.

This mobile pyrolysis unit with peripherals processes annually about
8 000 tons of crushed tires.


Reactor module and condensation of depolymerization technology

The pyrolysis system Tires 1000 produces annually:

  • 30% of Oil
  • 40 % Carbon Black
  • 25 % Syn Gas
  • 5 % Steel

The power plant will further produce about 4 000 MW of thermal energy per year. This heat output can be changed in the cold through sorption exchanger without the need for additional energy.